Conservative Christian blogger Warren Throckmorton has unearthed specific incidents in which Joseph Nicolosi, founder of the ex-gay therapy think-tank NARTH, promoted the use of gay pornography and to a lesser extent heterosexual pornography to (unsuccessfully) cure patients of same-sex orientation.

1. Exodus rejected an application by Nicolosi to present the following workshop in 2010:

Gay Pornography as a Therapeutic Tool
Reparative Therapists have recently developed a therapeutic technique utilizing gay pornographic images to expose deeper emotional needs beneath mere sexual arousal. While many clients have been told that their homosexuality is a defense against emotional needs, this technique offers “experiential knowing” resulting from personal experience. The result is a diminishment of pornographic appeal and movement toward resolving deeper conflicts.
For men and leaders.

2. Nicolosi presented the following, instead.

Nicolosi offers the novel theory that gay porn may reduce same-sex attraction. Riiiiiiight.