Incredibly awful news out of Denver. People in the  Aurora suburb of Denver were out seeing the newest installment of the Batman series, and something terrible happened:

Fourteen people are dead and 50 others wounded after a gunman in a suburb outside Denver opened fire during a midnight showing of the Batman movie the “Dark Knight Rises,” the police chief said at a press conference.

The suspect is in custody, Aurora police chief Daniel J. Oates told reporters. “This is a horrific event,” Aurora police chief Daniel J. Oates said during a press conference carried live by local TV stations.

Oates said 10 people were found dead in the theater, and four died at local hospitals.

My god. I never speak for the men I work with, but I will now speak for myself, Wayne Besen and John Becker in saying that our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims. We cannot imagine what could have led anyone to do this, but we are paying attention and we care.

This should not happen in this country. We send all our love and our support. My god.