From NOM’s infamous “Gathering Storm” ad to the laughable “I’m Confused” spot the group ran in New Hampshire, right-wing, anti-gay organizations have been serving up increasingly hysterical, fear-mongering video messages about marriage equality for years now. But a video released earlier this month by CitizenLink — an affiliate of the notoriously bigoted Focus on the Family — may just take the cake as the most pathetic anti-LGBT video ever produced.

The video, entitled “In the Eyes of the Law,” attempts to strike fear into the hearts of fundies across America by alleging that, because of President Barack Obama’s “evolution” on and endorsement of marriage equality, police will start pulling over unsuspecting drivers and demanding that they produce not their license and registration, but their marriage license and registration. Seriously. The acting school dropout that Focus hired to play the part of the sheriff’s deputy explains that possession of a marriage license is the way police know that people are “sufficiently evolved” (as though the possession of a marriage license is somehow indicative of one’s support for marriage equality?). He even carries a sheet of paper with President Obama’s pro-fairness remarks with him at all times. How convenient! (Scared yet?)

If the quality of the actors (I’m using that term very generously) and the filming (a hand-held microphone is visible in every shot) are any indication, Focus on the Family must be slashing its budgets to the bone. I guess their trademark brand of bald-faced homophobic bigotry must be getting tougher and tougher to sell these days. Either that, or they’ve simply given up. Quelle tragique.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think. Most laughably pathetic gay-hating wingnut video ever?