Chick-Fil-A’s COO Dan Cathy has been thoroughly embarrassing himself and his corporation lately. We’ve always known Chick-Fil-A was run by wingnuts, but Cathy has been going to great lengths over the last several weeks to let everybody know just how much Chick-Fil-A Hates Fags. And this time, I think the message is really spreading. Posted on Facebook earlier today by a straight Southern man who happens to be my brother:

Wow…I hate to say it, but I can no longer eat at Chik-Fil-A. Thanks, Dan Cathy, you ignorant bigot.

He then clarified in the comments for another straight Southern person who hadn’t heard:

It’s just that the company is owned by right-wing hatemongers. I’ve played blissfully ignorant for a while, because I rarely eat there anyway, but the CEO has released a statement calling our generation “arrogant” to think we can define marriage. Of course, what people like this neglect to acknowledge is that the origins of marriage are more about property and tribal holdings rather than some sort of two-person, god-assisted power-up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s pretty obvious we fell from the same tree. But nobody’s arguing with him…

The thing that the Religious Right doesn’t really understand about Why They’re Losing is that most people under 40 these days have LGBT friends and family members, and that they’re supportive of them because they know them, and no amount of fear-mongering from anti-gay extremists is going to change that. And when something as simple as fast food comes with a dose of slobbering bigotry, people will simply decide to take their business elsewhere.