Infighting! Alan Chambers, due to the fact that he’s been telling a bit of the truth for the past year, and especially due to the fact that he’s acknowledging that so-called “reparative therapy” doesn’t work and that people who go through “change” programs don’t actually, ahem, change, is experiencing what it’s like to be on the receiving end of his own cohorts’ hatred. Linda Harvey bemoaned Alan’s truth-telling last week, encouraging him to go back to lying for Jesus full-time, and this week, she’s basically calling him a faggot. Seriously. If you ever find yourself wondering if our opponents are motivated by anything more than juvenile animus, just look at Linda’s latest against Alan:

For Exodus, as a position led by Alan Chambers and he’s not the only one in leadership there that are really misled, for them to pull the plug on kids and just abandon them, this is just the stereotype of men who are not being men, shall I just go there, because that’s what it is. Just don’t defend anything, just let people run right all over you. Well the people running over you are the homosexuals, how ironic is this? How ironic is this that the ones with the real guts are the ones who are the more effeminized or non-masculine males who aren’t embracing their real, God-given masculine identity.

I get the feeling Linda Harvey has never met a gay man in her life, or doesn’t realize it. I understand when Matt Barber and Porno Pete run around doing their juvenile schoolyard taunt thing about girly-men — it has to do with their own insecurities with their own masculinity, and they really hate it when you point out that, for instance, the gay Marines who fight for their freedoms to be wingnuts are stronger, more valiant and more manly than they’ll ever be. When a woman such as Linda Harvey does it, I’m just not sure how to interpret it. Like, seriously, has she ever met a gay man? Does she really think we’re all limp-wristed stereotypes [NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT, BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE]? I feel like somewhere in her words, there is intense rejection and sadness, and a sort of worship for the idealized heterosexual masculine hero who may never have shown up. For comparison, read Kathryn Jean Lopez, and it’s the Catholic version of that.

But the ex-homosexuals, supposedly, or the leadership there, won’t stand up. Come on, you are our best witness out there. If you won’t stand for this and you will just let kids be corrupted in this way all by buying into this phony notion that in order to have ‘no climate of hate’ in schools you can’t say anything bad about homosexuality; no, to have a ‘no climate of hate’ in schools you need to be telling kids the truth, giving them real hope. I didn’t get to the other issues I was going to cover today but this one is important enough.

I hope folks that you would pray for Exodus, stand up for those people who are disaffiliating from the current regime but maybe they’ll change. Pray that Alan Chambers and the other folks there in leadership with these false and very damaging ideas and this horrendous witness that they are giving to America and to American Christianity will change their heart and come back to the Lord and repent in their own lives, they will stop dishonoring their own families and embarrassing and humiliating and hurting them, come back to the Lord and publicly repudiate all of this and be healed.

She actually seems to be telling Alan Chambers, who has trafficked in “ex-gay” lies for so much of his life that he’s the most prominent face of the movement, that he needs to “repent and be healed.” He’s sitting there saying, “you know, Linda, all that crap? It’s not true, really,” and she’s just weeping and gnashing her teeth about it. He’s not even being pro-gay! He’s still calling it sin and blah blah blah. He is simply acknowledging that the whole “change your sexuality” thing really doesn’t happen. Linda, this is not coming from us. This is not coming from the pro-humanity, pro-gay side of things. I know you think we’re evil and from the debbil and just oh so mean why are we so mean. This is the leader of the movement you’ve been promoting. And trust me, he knows more about it than you do!

When I say she’s “weeping and gnashing her teeth,” I’m not kidding. I’m not embedding the clip here, but it’s at Right Wing Watch, and she actually sounds like she’s about to cry toward the end. What on earth?