I’m not at all exaggerating with that headline. Linda Harvey, the most unhingedly homophobic woman in America, is really unhappy with Alan Chambers. Why? Because he told the truth, namely, that he still likes dudes. Here’s what she had to say:

The group’s president, Alan Chambers, has been under a firestorm of criticism lately because of several statements he has made lately that reflect poorly on his understanding of the basics of Christian faith.

For one, Chambers has said he doesn’t believe a person can change his or her so-called sexual orientation. Now, there’s not anything like this invented term called “sexual orientation” in Scripture in the first place, but then he also says that he still struggles himself with sexual feelings for other males. This shows very poor judgment as the leader of this ministry to, first of all, be experiencing this and secondly, to announce it to the whole world.

Oh, Linda. If sexual orientation isn’t in scripture, it doesn’t exist! Neither, for that matter, do airplanes, diabetes or baby carrots. I also love how she faults him for actually experiencing it. What an emotionally bereft bigot. Earth to Linda: they all experience it. Because they’re still gay.

Of course a person can leave homosexuality; there are thousands of people who have done it and God’s word clearly states that he can deliver us from sin. And the proud, open sinner who is publicly proclaiming it as good in defiance of God’s word? It is highly questionable that such a person is saved.

And Alan Chambers is telling you that 99.9% of those people who have “left homosexuality” are still attracted to the same gender. Much as you have built a career and made somewhat of a name for yourself doing so, you are not entitled to your own reality, Linda.

We would not be making this exception for well-adjusted adulterers would we? How about a compassionate pedophile? What about incest like two brothers involved in homosexuality? Why not just defy God’s word on this?

What I really love here is that she’s giving up one of the great fundamentalist Christian lies. They always say they love gay people, but “hate the sin,” and that they’re okay with us as long as we’re celibate/don’t “embrace the homosexual lifestyle.” Well, here we have Alan Chambers, who does not consider himself gay, and who is married to a woman, but who is being honest about the fact that he’s still attracted to men, and Linda’s response is pure hatred. Perhaps Alan Chambers will see comments like hers and have a little lightbulb moment about the awful crowd he’s been associating with.

This is plain old rebellion and worship of self and our own impulses, not the worship of our Creator and Savior. Please join me in praying for Alan Chambers and Exodus, but also in praying for Alan’s influence to diminish unless he recants this untruthful misrepresentation of the Gospel.

All he did was share his own reality and the reality of the people he’s worked with. (Finally!) That’s not good enough for Linda Harvey. She would like him to recant and start lying again. After all, it’s worked for her! I doubt he will do so, as, at least in this instance (and we are not going soft on Alan Chambers, by the way), he has shown himself to have some semblance of a moral compass. Linda has not.