We have seen over the past few years, as we have reached the tipping point where full equality has become inevitable and the sort of wingnuttery that seeds anti-gay hatred and violence will be relegated to Ku Klux Klan status on the not too distant horizon, that the leaders who remain in that movement will stoop to any low in order to feebly attempt to reverse the course of history. They will lie any lie, smear any smear, in order to inject hatred against LGBT people into the discourse and to demonize us in any way they can.

In that vein, they are of course using the heinous crimes committed by Jerry Sandusky in an attempt to engender hatred against gay people among the most ignorant citizens of this country.

Here’s one:

Dianne Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania tells OneNewsNow she believes the Freeh report shows how strong the campus culture is surrounding major football teams.

“We have to just look at what happened when head coach Joe Paterno was fired and the riots that took place on campus [as a result],” she tells OneNewsnow. “I mean, that reflects the Penn State culture and almost the worship of their football team.”

That sounds eminently sane. Wait for it, though:

“Through all this we cannot ignore the fact that Jerry Sandusky’s victims were all young boys. We can’t ignore the homosexual aspect of this,” Gramley offers. “And through Graham Spanier’s tenure as president, he has brought more and more homosexual-oriented programming and events to the campus than ever before.”

There it is. That’s why the AFA is called a hate group. Earth to Dianne, and I know your kind doesn’t like knowledge, but bear with me for a moment: pedophilia has absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation, according to every grown-up expert in the field. Rape has little to do with sex, but everything to do with power. One reason many child abusers end up hurting children of the same gender is access. Hello, Roman Catholic Church. How’s it going? Sit a spell and maybe you’ll learn something too.

Nothing like this is complete without failed Allstate dude/Christian clown college “lawyer” Matt “Bam Bam” Barber, with his petulant breed of juvenile hatred:

Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, says the cover-up of child molestation by Sandusky shows how disjointed America’s priorities are.

“[We live in a country] where a university like this and a Hall of Fame coach in Joe Paterno and the entire football staff and people at the highest levels at Penn State engage in this ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ mentality in order to help further the bottom line and help the football program go unscathed,” says the attorney.

God, it’s like he and Dianne read the same outline before commenting. Here it comes:

Adds Barber: “There also is an element of political correctness run amok here,” he explains. “Anytime homosexuality is involved — even though in this case it’s a homosexual predator preying on children — people seem to have this innate fear that they are going to be crushed by the sexual anarchist lobby if they speak out against it.” Yet Barber says it is a fact that percentage-wise more sexual crimes are committed against children by homosexuals than by heterosexuals.

You know, I really don’t think there’s a single decent person in this country who is afraid to speak out against child rape, Bam Bam. What’s disgusting, and what really shows how little you care for the victims, is the fact that you’re using these traumatic experiences, endured by children, in order to try to score points against an entire minority group. Also, your remark about percentages is BS and you know it. Or you should know it, if you read. Do you read?

Morality called, Bam Bam. It would like to tell you a little bit about itself and see if there are any parts of it you’d like to try on for size.