The other day, Buster Wilson of the American Family Association hate group went on the radio and mused about boycotting Google, due to its support for gay employees around the globe. He mentioned that it would be really, really hard for AFA members to boycott Google, since Google is so intertwined in our lives. I retorted that, for a group as disinterested in learning as the AFA, giving up the search engine shouldn’t be that hard.

Lawrence O’Donnell caught wind of this story and decided to spend several minutes of his show last night just cold making fun of poor Buster. It’s pretty great. He zeroes in on what would likely be the hardest thing for wingnuts to give up: Googling for internet porn, as the states where conservatives and religious people live are the states which buy the most porn. He also spends a bit of time recounting what flaming failures AFA boycotts are, in general. This is a great clip:

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[h/t Right Wing Watch]