So, a writer at the Examiner has this weird piece up about LPAC, the new super PAC formed by influential and respected lesbians.

Dude. Does. Not. Get. It.

Here is his headline:

In disguise?!?!

First of all, the writer seems to be implying that there’s something wrong with a feminist movement. (How DARE those lesbians be such uppity bitches as to want human rights for all women?!) But also he’s missing the fact that the fight for LGBT equality and the fight for women’s rights, especially, but not only, pertaining to reproductive rights, are the same fight. I have quoted this umpteen million times, so many times that I’m getting tired of having to repeat her words, but Amanda Marcotte explained this succinctly a while back:

 After all, these two fights—-for reproductive rights and gay rights—-are the same fight.  It’s about the right of people who aren’t straight men to have a sexuality without punishment or shame. We’re the ones who deserve the label “pro-life”, because we support the right for gays and women to survive and to thrive—-to live.  And make no mistake, we’re all up against a patriarchal right that is sadistic and violent.  Their quiet support of abortion clinic violence and gay-bashing is quiet enough to escape the notice of people who aren’t looking, but it’s there.  It’s in their coddling of anti-choice extremists, and their unwillingness to support hate crimes legislation.  They will control you, and if they feel violence is necessary, violence they will use.

That is where all this comes from. Everything we’re dealing with, in the United States, regarding people trying to take away the rights of LGBT people to live in peace and equality, and to take away the rights of women to be the masters over their own bodies and lives, comes from the same place. Anyone paying a hair of attention can figure this out, as the hatred all comes from the same source: white patriarchal men and the few women, people of color and, unfortunately, sexual minorities, who are willing to carry their water.

I hate that I’m this annoyed and I haven’t even gone past the headline, but if anything, any casual observer would see a “lesbian PAC” as something more firmly uniting the two fights than anything else. Unless that casual observer just isn’t ready for the “women” side of the fight. Let’s see.

Let’s return back to the question of “What makes this political gay rights group different from other gay rights group?” When searching through LPAC’s site there are two elements they make perfectly clear. The candidates they are willing to support must be pro-lesbian and believe in reproductive rights. Though there are many other relevant issues LPAC addresses in their agenda, they heavily stress their advocacy for women and being pro-choice for abortion rights. When you take these two core values in comparison to other civil rights organizations and peel back some of the layers of platform, you start to get the feeling of a feminist group with nationalist principles.

No, one is trying to downplay or denounce the intentions of the group itself. By all means the Gay Civil Rights Movement appreciates any group that has the rights of the gay community at heart. With that thought in mind, is LPAC’s first intention gay rights or feminist rights?

They. Are. The. Same. Fight.

The writer’s name is Gregory, so can I call you Greg, or should I simply call you “some dude?”  The people who want to shove rape-wands into the vaginas of women seeking abortions are the same people who want to deny marriage rights to LGBT people and preserve their “rights” to discriminate against LGBT people at will and allow their teenagers to bully our teenagers to death. The same people. Why? Refer to Amanda’s quote above.

Perhaps the writer didn’t intend it, but my “uppity bitches” comment above stands, until proven otherwise. We have far too long had a gay rights movement which was led mostly by middle/upper-middle class white men, but (and this may be a newsflash to some people?) our movement is made up of people of every color and creed, and, yes, also women (and also transgender people, of course, but that is not the point of this particular post)! Guess what? Issues pertaining to their bodies and their rights and their ultimate freedom should be front and center in our movement! And since we in the LGBT community are fighting the same fight as those fighting for women’s rights (WITH CONSIDERABLE OVERLAP, SINCE A LOT OF THE PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY ARE WOMEN!), then those of us who are men probably should man up and be proud to stand front and center in this fight, which is both fights, and again, is all the same all-encompassing fight. (!!!)


A mission such as super PAC shows a divide within the movement and a separation of goals the gay community is struggling for.

Nope, unless you’re paying no attention to the greater world outside your “G” environment.

Of course gay is not the only characteristic that make up the LGBT community but when it comes to the battle gay individuals have been fighting for all this time; the “L” in LGBT is another word with gay in its meaning.

Indeed. I’d hate for the fact that the “L” involves women to put a cramp in your style.