So, Gawker has been doing something interesting this afternoon. A person describing himself as a “typical Evangelical” agreed to host a session over there where he would answer people’s questions, any questions. He’s not there to proselytize and the commenters aren’t there to argue, but he goes to a conservative Baptist church, so it’s safe to say he’s coming from a different place from most of our readers, whether religious or not.

[the discussion] would not attempt to defend the evangelical views but rather to point out why we believe them. I would be more than willing to offer my opinion on areas where I think we are wrong in our belief or in the way we convey it to the public at large but defending a belief that is based on a biblical worldview (biblically correct or not) is extremely difficult when the audience places no authority in the Bible.

So there you go. The chit-chat is down in the comments section, and even as a former Evangelical, I think it’s kinda fascinating.