Here’s an interesting development:

A group of high-profile lesbians on Wednesday launched a political action committee dedicated to raising cash and campaigning on gay and women’s rights issues in America.

The organisation, called LPAC, is backed by famous gay women such as tennis legend Billie Jean King and Glee’s Jane Lynch, and will have the power under new campaign finance laws in the US to generate and spend unlimited funds.


LPAC’s organisers said gay rights and women’s health issues were a key priority in American politics, especially in the face of Republican efforts to campaign against equal marriage and pass laws that restrict or hamper access to abortion clinics.

“The Republican party is continuing to attack lesbian’s rights and women’s rights. I want to wake up the day after the election and know that I did everything I could to defeat that,” said Sarah Schmidt, LPAC’s chair and a Chicago businesswoman.

This could very cool, as they could do a lot to bridge the gap that still exists in some people’s minds between LGBT rights and women’s rights. And besides, in this crazy post-Citizens United world, the more people we have spending tons of money for things that are right, the better.