The Alliance Defense Fund’s relationship with the actual study of the law has always been tenuous at best, as they are one of the go-to outfits for defending wingnuts and their grievances, so many of which will never stand up in a court of law. Not in this country, anyway. But for a person who doesn’t know their history, at least “Alliance Defense Fund” sounds like a group of adult professionals. No more!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re changing our ministry name from Alliance Defense Fund to Alliance Defending Freedom. Our new name will better communicate what you already know we do . . . build alliances between Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations to accomplish what none of us can do alone: protect and defend YOUR religious freedom.

For Faith. For Justice.
Changing our name to Alliance Defending Freedom rightly reflects our enduring mission to gain justice for those whose faith has been unconstitutionally denied in the areas of religious liberty, the sanctity of life, and marriage and family.

Now it sounds more like the hack outfit it is.

[h/t Joe]