Hey, does everybody remember when anti-gay hate radio jock [Wonkette: “WORLD’S GREATEST HEAVY-METAL ANTI-ABORTION PUBLIC SCHOOL ASSEMBLY STAR”] filed a silly lawsuit against Rachel Maddow for daring to quote his words on television? Indeed, he wanted $50,000,000 for the “damages” done to his reputation when Rachel simply exposed him to a wider audience.

Here’s the Maddow segment that got him all upset:

Yeah, it was the thing he said about Muslims being more moral than American Christians, because some Muslims execute gays. The case hasn’t gone to trial yet, but this doesn’t bode well for poor Bradlee:

About a year ago, after filing a libel lawsuit against MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and the Minnesota Independent, controversial preacher Bradlee Dean sounded pretty confident. His attorney, Larry Klayman, even declared that Maddow’s career was effectively finished.
It turns out that might have been a little premature.

Though the case is still active, a Washington D.C. judge has ordered that Dean and his ministry, You Run But You Cannot Hide International, must pay Maddow and the since-defunct Independent attorney fees to the tune of $24,625.23, according to court records.

Oh! That made me smile!