Maggie Gallagher is all butthurt because the editor of said this:

I’ve been really understanding of Maggie Gallagher since meeting her. I may vehemently disagree with her on every point, but I did think the rhetoric could become more civil. Less name calling, more substance. But honestly, her latest just ticks me off to no end. “A society that is serious about marriage would gently stand up to gay people and say ‘not this, not now.’ Changes in law are hard to undo, once they are institutionalized. I did not decide to debate gay marriage, gay-marriage advocates did. I responded to the challenge.” Wait our turn, Maggie? On civil rights? While teenagers kill themselves each day because they feel less than? That’s condescending and heartless. Monstrous, actually.

Maggie responds, disbelieving:

It’s “monstrous” to oppose gay marriage.

Yes, Maggie. Did you even read what he wrote? The thing about the kids killing themselves because they “feel less than,” which is caused, ultimately, by the anti-gay demagogues at the top, like yourself, who seed hate into the discourse every single day of their lives, and then expect to be viewed as free and clean when that trickles down and ends up leaving a bodycount of gay teenagers? Or are Religious Right figures such as yourself just so desensitized to the effects of your work that you don’t even notice anymore?

And the uncivil dialogue is my fault, in his view. That’s where we are.

Yep. For a little perspective on how clean Maggie’s hands are not, here’s David Badash with a quick rundown:

Maggie Gallagher, the co-founder and former chairman of the board of NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, the president of the anti-gay Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, a signatory of the Manhattan Declaration which demands Christians break the law if it goes against the Bible, the woman who was paid but did not disclose tens of thousands of dollars by the George W. Bush administration to write in favor of “traditional” marriage, the woman who has lied about her support of ex-gay therapy, the woman who ruled over NOM during the period its corporate policy was to stoke racism and use race to as a wedge issue to strengthen opposition to same-sex marriage, and then when news of their race-baiting strategy broke called it a “non-story” for a “slow news day,” the woman who has spent much of her professional career taking millions of dollars from the Roman Catholic and Mormon Churches and radical right wing think tanks and hate groups, and parlaying all these funds and contacts into an extraordinarily lucrative career with a goal of ending same-sex marriage and divorcing all same-sex couples, demonizing LGBT people and maintaining our second-class citizenship while ensuring that children across America and around the world continue to be bullied to death…