I have long-contended that one of the things that anti-gay wingnuts all have in common is that they’re extraordinarily melodramatic and juvenile. Here’s another example of that, as extremist radio host Janet Mefferd introduces the subject of Anderson Cooper’s coming out by warning her listeners that what they’re about to hear might make them sick to their stomachs:

I don’t know about you, when your kids are sick like mine sometimes are and they’ll come down in the middle of the night, ‘mommy I have a stomach ache,’ I always give them the same words of advice, ‘get a bucket, put a little bit of water in it and put it next to your bed and that way if that upset stomach does what it might do, you’ll be prepared.’ So in that vein I would like to give you the same advice, given what I’m about to talk about you might want to get yourself a bucket with a little water in it and that way if you feel a little sick and it manifests itself in a physical way you’ll be prepared. I wasn’t going to even talk about this but I can’t resist because this has got to be the neo-pagan story of the day.

Real mature, Janet.

Did you know—I know this isn’t going to be a shock to you—Anderson Cooper is gay. I know, what a shock, I’m reeling from this news, I had no idea, yes I’m being sarcastic. But there is something very funny about this because Paul Brandeis Raushenbush over at the Huffington Post has a headline on his story about Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor, announcing that he is gay and it says “Fact is.. Anderson Cooper Thanks God He’s Gay.”

If this were pagan, Ancient Rome, Jerry Sandusky wouldn’t have been in trouble at all because homosexuality and man-boy love was so common and so accepted that outrage would’ve been inconceivable. It is only the vestiges of Christianity in our culture that give people the moral framework by which you can look at a Sandusky and feel revolted.

Yeah, that’s a crock, and if Janet doesn’t know it, she should be ashamed at how out of touch she is with humanity. We really don’t need any kind of religious moral framework to know that Jerry Sandusky is a sick, evil man for abusing those kids.

And you know what the way we are going, Jerry Sandusky thirty years from now may be a normal thing. You already have pedophiles who are trying to be normalized at the American Psychological Association, I think that’s the name of it, they’ve succeeded in having homosexuality removed from the playbook as some sort of disorder and now they’re working on pedophilia and I’m sure they’ll be successful because that’s where it is all headed.

What did I say earlier about the new rule whenever a conservative Christian claims the sky is falling? Assume it’s not, because they’re wrong 100% percent of the time.

Anderson Cooper did receive from God an ability to love, but not that kind of love. That’s not love, it’s not love.

Actually, it is, and it’s sad that Janet and other wingnuts seemingly do not have the ability to recognize love, but then again, I’ve long contended that the version of love taught in the fundamentalist corners of the Christian church is a transmogrification of the entire concept. “We love you, you’re perfect, you’re going to hell” really doesn’t warm the cockles of the heart.