Despite the fact that young people overwhelmingly support LGBT rights — including marriage equality — and despite embarrassing results the last time it tried targeting youth (Raising up a community of young Latino “ethnic rebels”  around support for marriage discrimination? Really?), the paradoxically-named National Organization for Marriage is continuing its efforts to sell toxic anti-LGBT bigotry to young people. Will Kohler of Back2Stonewall reports that NOM’s latest attempt comes in the form of a weekend youth conference sponsored by the Ruth Institute, NOM’s “education” arm:

The (ITAF) conference,  is geared towards introducing students to prominent anti-gay activists in order to prepare them to defend “natural marriage.” (NOT“traditional marriage” but “natural marriage” ) so they will be prepared to fight at home and in their schools..

According to Kohler, the conference will take place from July 26-29 at the Skyline Wesleyan Church in La Mesa, California. Check out Kohler’s full article here for a complete list of the homophobes who will be indoctrinating youth presenting seminars at the event, including the Ruth Institute’s virulently anti-gay president, Jennifer Roback Morse (pictured above). It’s an all-star cast.

Oh, by the way: the host pastor, Jim Garlow, apparently pals around with the nuttier-than-a-fruitcake Glenn Beck! For some reason, I’m not all that surprised. . .