Exodus held its annual “Freedom” conference this weekend in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Exodus wants the public to believe that it no longer promotes harmful ex-gay conversion. But a review of the Exodus Twitter feed suggests otherwise.

Live tweets from conference sessions advised followers to:

  • publicly lie about their sexual orientation;
  • misquote the Bible;
  • define their love for other people as sexual brokenness and evil temptation;
  • practice the blasphemous belief that one’s own will is God’s will;
  • dismiss sexual honesty as satanic;
  • seek “healing” from an ex-gay “community” that has a 36-year history of injuring people in God’s name;
  • believe that Christianity is about God loving oneself, not about oneself loving humanity and God.

Don’t believe me? Read the tweets below, and let us know in the comments if you think we’re misunderstanding.

Hope Harris ‏@hope_harris
#Exodus2012 3 ?’s the enemy uses ?ur identity, ? The sufficiency of Christ ? The worthiness of Christ #TheChristianLife
Retweeted by Exodus International

Exodus International ‏@ExodusIntl
“If you r injured in community God asks you 2 do something risky: Come back into a new community 2 be healed. @MaryDeMuth#TheChristianLIfe

Exodus International ‏@ExodusIntl
I know who I am because I know WHOSE I am. #TrustGod

Exodus International ‏@ExodusIntl
“From a biblical view you are not oriented in any sexual way. You are oriented toward sinfulness.” – Rom 5:12; Rom 3:23#TheChristianLife

Mike Filicicchia ‏@mikefili
God’s grace is more evident in the man who constantly chooses holiness over temptation than the man who is not tempted at all.#exodus2012
Retweeted by Exodus International

Exodus International ‏@ExodusIntl
“God wants His kids to be whole and free.” @MaryDeMuth#exodus2012

Exodus International ‏@ExodusIntl
“Even in the darkest place in my life there has always been Someone who loves me.” @MaryDeMuth #exodus2012

Far from representing robust Christianity or sound mental-health advice, these glimpses at Exodus conference content constitute shallow, warm-fuzzy godtalk, framed into excuses to lie about one’s orientation, assume a false “identity,” infantilize one’s spirituality, and demonize sexual and spiritual honesty.

The infantilized Christianity and anti-freedom doubletalk carries over into unofficial tweets from conference participants and fans:

Randy Thomas ‏@RThomasART
“I do not believe in any way that God is leading you to independence but to your freedom in dependence on Him.” Patrick Peyton,#Exodus2012

Alan Chambers ‏@AlanMChambers
“God is more committed to your joy than you are” – Patrick Payton#exodus2012

In other words, it’s the same new-age romance-novel rubbish that religious and mental-health critics of Exodus have been citing for 15+ years.


But wait:

Alan Chambers ‏@AlanMChambers
“Life isn’t about what you feel but about what you decide” – Ricky Chelette #exodus2012

Thank you, Exodus, for agreeing with us about something. Now ponder this:

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” — C.G. Jung