Commenting on Exodus International’s claim this week that there is no cure for homosexuality and their public acknowledgment that they have rejected NARTH’s junk science, a blogger named Denny Burk had this to say:

But the AP also reports on the response from a homosexual activist named Wayne Besen who has worked to discredit reparative therapy. His remarks are very revealing.

We appreciate any step toward open, transparent honesty that will do less harm to people. But the underlying belief is still that homosexuals are sexually broken, that something underlying is broken and needs to be fixed. That’s incredibly harmful, it scars people.

Take note of Besen’s remarks. You would think that he would be happy to see Exodus leave behind reparative therapy, which he regards as junk science. But he’s not. It’s not really the so-called junk science that was ever the most offensive aspect of Exodus’ ministry. The offensive part is the fact that Exodus holds to a Christian sexual ethic. In other words, Exodus regards homosexual behavior as sin.

Don’t expect Exodus’ opponents to let up on them. They won’t. Exodus’s commitment to a Christian sexual ethic has not changed, and that is the part that the activists cannot tolerate.

That’s right Denny, Truth Wins Out will criticize junk theology just as much as we criticize junk science. It seems that some fundies think they are so special that they should be immune from fair questions or justified criticism, even if their destructive ideas harm people.

Demonizing LGBT people is wrong. Period.

It is evil when it is done by quacks in lab coats. It is just as insidious when it is done by “holy” men in flowing robes. If a man of faith speaks folly, we will not be afraid to say so. There is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality. But, there is plenty wrong with bigoted views wrapped in the mantle of religion.

And what is up with the utterly absurd idea of reducing my love to a “sexual ethic?” Such political rhetoric shows the emptiness and ignorance of those who speak it and highlights that they have a hidden agenda.