Hey, crazy, what’s shakin’?

Two things for slow readers like Bryan:

1. Pedophilia won’t be legalized because the child can’t consent. We have very serious laws regarding this, and also common sense.

2. You’re worried about people having sex with animals? Really? Isn’t that already somewhat legal in Florida anyway? No, seriously, if you missed this story:

After years of sex with animals being technically legal in Florida, the legislature finally passed an anti-bestiality law last year. Eric Antunes looked like he’d be one of the first people prosecuted under the new law when police discovered pictures of him engaged in sex acts with his girlfriend’s three-legged dog on his cell phone. Turns out he won’t face beastiality charges, though, since the law does not actually forbid oral sex with animals.

Florida, ladies and gentlemen!

Marriage equality legal in Florida? No.
Third base with a handicapped dog? Perfectly fine.

Where’s this slippery slope I keep hearing about?

[h/t Joe]