Ernst & Young CEO Jim Turley is on the executive board of the Boy Scouts, and he’s the one who’s trying to encourage them, from within, to change their bigoted policies on gays. Porno Pete is a hate blogger. These are their stories:

I sent a version of this letter today to Jim Turley, CEO of Ernst & Young, who is reportedly lobbying the Boy Scouts “from within” to change their policy against homosexuality. Turley and Ernst & Young’s progressive, “global,” pro-”gay” values conflict with the Boy Scouts’ wholesome moral values — so naturally he is working to overturn the Scouts’ values! Please read this Townhall column by Chuck Norris…

And that, folks, is how you lose all credibility in one hundred words or less. “According to sources as intelligent as Chuck Norris…”

No need to continue writing this blog post. The joke has once again told itself.