This is curious. A little while ago, I posted a screen shot from Minnesota for Marriage which started with that tired old quote from Leviticus about men lying with men, along with some comments which affirmed the sentiment therein. It looked like this:

Now they’re claiming they were hacked.

Joe also includes the text of a message posted on their wall:

Good Morning – Last night our Deputy Campaign Manager, Andy Parrish’s personal email, Facebook, and Twitter accounts were hacked by an individual who posted the Leviticus verse below. We are currently working with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Apple to see who hacked Andy’s account and who posted this message. Clearly we would never advocate for anyone to be put to death – We strongly believe that people are entitled to love whomever they choose, but they are not entitled to redefine marriage for all of society.

Hi, wingnuts, specifically Andy Parrish and the rest of the M4M crew? We need to have a little chit-chat. Ready?

You either believe that crap or you don’t. YOU DON’T GET TO HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

Since there is no reason beyond animus, most of which is derived from your reading of the Bible, for you folks at Minnesota for Marriage to be fighting to hurt gay families in your state, you need to be prepared to own up to your actual beliefs.

If you were, indeed, hacked, as you say you were, that “hacker” simply posted one of your six favorite Bible verses. That’s it! You don’t get to whine about what victims you are.

You all claim to have some sort of direct line to your version of the Almighty, whom you believe to have divinely and inerrantly inspired your Bible, including that verse. So if you were hacked, you shouldn’t be mad, simply because your true beliefs were exposed. If you’re just trying to save face because of the backlash you’re experiencing, well then, that’s a different situation entirely, and we should be talking about why you’re too weak-willed to be honest about your beliefs.

Hacked or not, this is a revelatory moment, and it’s the reason so many people defect away from your side of the culture wars every single day.