Jim at Box Turtle Bulletin screen-capped this post from the Oreo cookie facebook page:

Do the people at Oreo not understand that their desire to support happy, mutually beneficial love will be met by the sneers and dysfunctional cries of sad wingnuts who, unfortunately, reside in all of these fifty states? Do they not understand that there are people in this country who are too scared of their own lives to worry about real issues, and instead are brainwashed to be afraid of things like “gay agendas” and “black presidents?” Do they not understand that there are a few thousand ladies who call themselves the “One Million Moms” [wouldn’t be the first time a Republican fudged on the issue of size] who will likely call for a useless boycott of some cookies?!

Lastly, won’t Oreo think of the children?! (Not the children of gay couples, or the children of heterosexual couples who don’t happen to be really bizarre wingnuts, AKA the children of most hetero couples…no, just the very small minority of children who are being brought up as, um, really bizarre wingnuts, approximately half of whom will defect into normalcy sometime during adolescence or soon after…)

[Thanks, Oreo, for paying attention. Somebody actually brought some to our dinner party tonight. Not that I need the calories, but oh, what the hell, we have ice cream too, maybe I’ll make a dessert-y snack.]