Folks, the fallout from the University of Texas right wing funded sham study by Mark Regnerus, that slams gay parents, is not over. The more people learn about this disgraceful propaganda posing as science, the stronger the stench of possible academic fraud and outright shilling on behalf of Princeton ideologue Robert George, who seems to be the puppeteer behind the “research.” Over at The New Civil Rights Movement, Scott Rose makes a strong case against this monstrosity of a study:

To sum up the case:

1) Regnerus admits that the way he carried out his NOM-Robert George-funded study was not in the best long-term interest of science;

2) Regnerus converted from evangelical Protestantism to Catholicism; his Church is actively involved worldwide in fighting against gay rights;

3) Regnerus admits in his published study that he can not claim any causation between having a gay parent and a bad child outcome, but, nonetheless;

4) he appears on ABC television, strongly suggesting that his study did show that homosexual parents are dangerous to children, and his activity in promoting the study that way is

5) totally in line with the way NOM and George’s other anti-gay groups are promoting Regnerus’s study. Additionally, though serving science well with this study would have required that Regnerus spend more time to complete it, he completed it in time for his funder Robert George to use it as an anti-gay-rights political weapon in the 2012 elections. And finally, the University of Texas, Austin, has an academic dishonesty policy that forbids using misinformation in an attempt to hurt others.

Please sign Truth Wins Out’s petition calling on the University of Texas to investigate and look deeper into this burgeoning scandal.