Former Prop 8 star witness David Blankenhorn announced today that his views on marriage equality have changed, and that he is no longer an opponent of equal rights for gays and lesbians. Maggie Gallagher weeps nostalgic:

My friend and mentor and one-time boss David Blankenhorn has just published New York Times op-ed in which he gives up on opposing gay marriage.  I haven’t yet read it carefully enough to respond, except to say that “the argument from despair” is the single most powerful argument gay-marriage advocates wield. I wish you well, old friend.

Oh, the poor thing. Maggie: everyone will one day leave this cause, and you, behind, unless you go with them, out of bigotry and into the light. One of the interesting things in Blankenhorn’s op-ed is that he admits that the anti-gay marriage side is motivated, in large part, by simple animus. That’s true, but it’s damning for those left in Maggie’s position.