Anti-gay activists are absolutely furious at General Mills in the wake of the company’s announcement last week that it opposes marriage discrimination in Minnesota. According to Andy Birkey at, equality opponents plan to respond by protesting and boycotting the company, despite the fact that they decry those very same tactics when the other side employs them.

There is truly no limit to the hypocrisy of anti-LGBT activists and organizations. In their world, being LGBT is very, veeeery bad, except for the litany of prominent homophobes who’ve been caught with their pants down. Seeking so-called “special rights” is a no-no, unless you’re seeking the special right to enshrine your religious dogma into civil law. And it’s outrageous “intimidation” when equality supporters boycott businesses that support marriage discrimination, but when you plan your own boycott of pro-fairness businesses, that’s perfectly acceptable because — after all — you’ve got God on your side. (Apparently Jesus loves double standards. Who knew?)

Nevertheless, if the haters are swarming, we need to respond. David Joseph DeGrio, chair of Minnesota’s Stonewall DFL, passed along a graphic that I want to share with you, dear reader, in the hope that it will impel you to be a part of that response. Please consider calling the number below and letting General Mills know you stand with them in their support of equality for LGBT people and families. I did it myself — it was incredibly easy, took less than a minute, and the operator said he was happy to record and pass along my positive comments.

Thanks in advance for your help!