One of the greatest joys of DADT’s repeal is watching wingnuts, most of whom have never served a day in their lives, most of whom followed the trumpets of war, led by whatever made-up casus belli Dubya managed to pull out of his Dick Cheney that day, most of whom know little to nothing about what it’s like to fight for their country, get the vapors over the fact that gays and lesbians are serving openly. Never mind that gays and lesbians have fought valiantly and died for their wingnut freedoms to cling to nonsense and proclaim it from sea to shining sea. These wingnuts — well, they never really cared about our troops in the first place. Stick a yellow ribbon on the back of the minivan and yer done, right?

Hey Porno Pete, whatcha complaining about today?

George Washington is rolling over in his grave.

Hey Porno Pete, just because you haven’t evolved beyond a medieval understanding of the science of sexuality doesn’t mean Washington’s ghost hasn’t.

 The Pentagon under Commander-in-Chief Obama is on its way to becoming the world’s largest “gay pride” agency.

Yep, the same Pentagon which produced the troops who killed Osama bin Laden, something the last “family valyews” president couldn’t do.

Behold another tragic “first” for Obama: the first-ever homosexual “pride” celebration at the Department of Defense (Tuesday, June 26, 2012). Note how the organizers of “Pentagon Pride” slipped in “transgender” pride even though transgenders were not part of the law to homosexualize the military.

It is indeed always tragic for wingnuts when a government agency gives respect to a minority without first informing said wingnuts. Tragic, so, so, tragic.

In reality, homosexuality and gender confusion are nothing to be proud of.

Homosexuality is a completely normal trait among humans and thousands of other animal species. “Gender confusion” is actually known in the medical community as gender dysmorphia, a real, easily explained phenomenon. No amount of fundamentalist rigamarole will change that. Hint: the medical community doesn’t recommend that transgender people “pray away the gender dysmorphia.”

I would also add that “fundamentalist Christianity,” in reality, is nothing to be proud of, as it embarrasses all the friends, family and associates of people caught up in it. Brings down the neighbors’ property values too, unlike gays. (Just LOOK at those prices per square foot, my god!)

 Now, thanks to Obama and the Democrats (and some Republicans), our young military men and women will be force-fed the lie that homosexuality is “who you are,” like civil rights.

Actually, most normal young people, and a majority of Americans of all ages, understand that homosexuality actually is “who you are.” No amount of fundamentalist Christian rigamarole will change that, either. People are simply too smart and observant of reality these days. Also? The military itself? Doesn’t give a damn about the new law. They’re too busy protecting Porno Pete’s right to freedom of spoken-word pig-ignorance.

And if history is our guide, LGBT activists will continue to agitate for greater and more prominent recognition of their aberrant lifestyles, at the taxpayers’ expense–using the military to grow their power.

Chicken Little, Chicken Little. Actually, we just want equality. We know that it bothers you, Porno Pete, to think that we’re equal to you, but really, we are, and the law will soon reflect that. In most ways, we’re better, because we don’t hate people or act out our psychological issues in interviews with OneNewsNow, and we definitely don’t tell our wives that photographing leather sex conventions is part of our jobs, when it clearly isn’t. But again, we don’t want elevated legal status. Just equality.

 It is never good when noble institutions are used to promote moral corruption, which is why “Pentagon Pride” brings shame to the DoD, and to America.

So I guess Porno Pete is anti-military now, until the day comes when a Republican president convinces him to compensate for his poor conception of his own manhood by tyin’ a yeller ribbon round whatever minivan he’s currently driving.

Note to Porno Pete: No, we didn’t forget about your open letter. Somebody here will respond to it when they don’t have something better to do. I would have done it today, but I was making shadow puppets for my dog and time got away…