Predictably, the upper middle class white male lobbying group known as GOProud has endorsed Mitt Romney for president. They did their usual perfunctory, half-hearted song and dance about how wingnut issues are really gay issues*. They didn’t spend much time on the fact that Mitt Romney is against every real issue directly involving gay rights, because they really don’t care. These are lily-white folks, and hey, they got theirs, right? The rest of the population is irrelevant.

Dan Savage reacted in a very Dan Savage way:

If the shoe fits…

Anyway, Chris Barron, representative of GOProud, is now superbly butthurt by this:

After GOProud announced its endorsement of Mitt Romney today, Dan Savage of “It Gets Better” fame, took to twitter to refer to gay conservatives as “house faggots.”  Apparently, faggot is an entirely appropriate slur as long as Dan Savage is slinging it and gay people who you don’t agree with are on the receiving end.

It gets better my ass.

Right. Dan’s campaign to tell gay kids that It Gets Better is completely negated by the fact that Dan made fun of gay conservatives and, by, extension, Chris Barron, a man who represents an organization that, for all practical purposes, works against equality for LGBT people. The poor, poor dear.

People can agree or disagree with whether Dan should have phrased it that way, but the analogy is fairly on point, whether or not you like that he used the word “faggot.” That’s the only part Chris wants you to focus on, though. If you’re busy on the fainting couch, you don’t have time to consider the meaning of Dan’s words, I guess.

*I suppose they ARE gay issues, if the only gays you acknowledge are white, male, upper-middle class gays who are either self-ish or self-loathing.