Richard Grenell lost his job as a foreign policy surrogate for the Mitt Romney campaign after the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer whined about Grenell having a boyfriend. Officially, Grenell resigned, but a New Yorker article points out that during the dust up Mitt Romney never attempted to speak to Grenell and offer support. An insider told the magazine that the campaign was “so fixated on how to shut up Bryan Fischer that they missed the bigger picture.”

After essentially getting sandbagged by his beloved Republicans, a feisty Grenell had this to say to the Washington Blade: “I’m not endorsing Obama. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of playing politics with gay equality.”

Except the Democrats are not the ones who cynically ended his career. It comes as no surprise that Grenell continues to defend his party, because he is completely clueless about who is actually running the show. According to New Yorker correspondent Jane Mayer, Grenell had this to say about Republican boss Bryan Fischer: “I’ve never met him, and had actually never heard of him before he offered his critique.”

Never heard of Fischer? Really?

Finally, we understand the utter vacuousness and extraordinary denial it takes for one to hold Grenell’s views on politics. He thinks the modern GOP is just swell because his head is buried in the sand and apparently does not read newspapers or magazines. (At least ones that focus on current events.)

It seems rather extraordinary that Grenell was not aware that Fischer was behind Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s massive stadium prayer rally in Houston that preceded his announcement to run for president. It is also unfathomable that Grenell, who fancies himself a political sort, was unaware of The American Family Association’s infamous Pastor Policy briefings in presidential battleground states. At these events, candidates prostrated themselves at the feet of homophobic pastors in Iowa and elsewhere, pledging to enact their extremist agenda if elected.

Does Grenell know anything or is he simply a pretty boy in an empty suit? The most logical explanation for his ignorance is that he is a mere puppet unable to see that Bryan Fischer and the American Family Association are hovering above, pulling the strings of the party he so loves.