Hey, everybody, did you all hear that the military is now going to kick people out for being anti-gay? Elaine Donnelly did! And she gets her news from a very reliable source, AKA the voices I assume she hears in her head. She was quoted in an article in WorldNetDaily (where else?) explaining all of this. Let’s look at the whole article instead of just focusing on Elaine, because the whole thing is ridiculous:

There’s the story about the Marine veteran who said, “I joined the Marines and homosexual behavior was illegal. Then they made it optional. I’m getting out before they make it mandatory.”

Just a joke? Perhaps.

Or a really dumb person.

But the U.S. military, which only months ago moved to advance homosexual behavior by eliminating the longstanding “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, has surged forward with special support for homosexual members, declaring June as “Gay Pride Month” for the armed forces and planning a festival to honor troops of both genders who practice homosexual behavior.

The details still are being worked out, but the event reportedly will carry the same weight and significance as other military events that pay tribute to ethnic groups and their contribution to the U.S. military.

How dare they advance equality for a minority, and then proceed to treat that minority equally?! It’s an outrage.

Military officials attribute the motivation behind the event to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s desire to single out and honor homosexual military personnel for their service.

“Now that we’ve repealed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ he feels it’s important to find a way this month to recognize the service and professionalism of gay and lesbian troops,” stated Capt. John Kirby, a Navy spokesman.

No mention was made, however, of celebrating the achievements of service members not falling under the umbrella of the LGBT community or ethnic diversity.

In other words, “where’s my white, straight pride parade?”

This is boring, so let’s skip to the Elaine Donnelly part:

But Center for Military Readiness President Elaine Donnelly believes that the aggressive policies and instruction administered to all 2.25 million armed forces members are far from what many would consider progress.

“It’s too early to report any success, but indicators show that there are negative consequences of the new military policy known as LGBT law, which was created at the repeal of the 1993 law called DADT,” Donnelly told WND in an exclusive interview. “Trends are not good.”

Donnelly points to the CMR Policy Analysis called “Chilling Trend of Sexual Assault in the Military,” which reports that “sexual assault in all branches of the services have increased by 22 percent since 2007.” It also states that violent attacks and rapes in the Army have nearly doubled since 2006 to 1,313 last year, with 5 percent of the assaults on men. Furthermore, it reported that in “all branches of the service, male sexual assault victims have increased significantly, from 10 percent in 2010 to 14 percent in confidential reports.”

The trend continues, says Donnelly, who stresses that it can hardly be considered “success.”

Ah, so Elaine disrespects our troops just as much as the guys at the American Family Association, by taking the very real problem of sexual assault in the military [the rise of which started long before DADT repeal] and conflating it with gays serving openly. Her hatred for gays outweighs her respect for our military.

I would point out something really, really simple for Elaine, that she still will not acknowledge or admit: if there is a rise in reported sexual assaults on men, this is in large part due to the fact that male victims can now REPORT IT WITHOUT RISKING THEIR CAREERS. Simple, no-brainer stuff, Elaine.

Anyway, here she is, doing her black helicopter, tin-foil hat thing regarding events celebrating LGBT troops:

And what kind of effect will such celebrations have on people of faith in the military, including chaplains?

“Zero tolerance,” Donnelly said. ” … If you don’t agree, you can end your military career. A Coast Guard [member] initially lost his job for merely inquiring about privacy. Military LGBT law works to stifle and end careers of those who disagree.”

Oh, Elaine. Yes, it’s true that if any member of the Armed Forces refuses to do his or her job, for any reason, including backwoods bigotry, then said member could put his or her career at risk, but this Chicken Little stuff about fundamentalists losing the right to be fundamentalists is getting old.

She also pointed out that a lack of an exodus from the military is no indicator that things under the LGBT law are working for everyone.

“Military culture has always been one of obeying orders, and soldiers have been ordered to abide by LGBT law,” Donnelly explained. “Also, many troops who would have ordinarily left under such pretenses remain at their posts because of the declining economy and a lack of jobs out there.”

In other words, “‘scuse me while I move these goalposts.”

Let’s skip a few more paragraphs, as it’s quite insane that these people are still dead-enders on this issue. The law changed, the military is fine, the bigots were wrong. We’ve been through this before.

The Thomas More Law Center agrees that the current administration signing LGBT law into the military puts both soldiers and citizens in danger, and its attorneys continue to challenge this threat to America’s national security.

“This new law will ultimately destroy unit cohesion and morale, reduce the number of heterosexual volunteers, and considerably degrade the ability of the military to defend our nation, their first responsibility,” said Thomas More Law Center President and Chief Counsel Richard Thompson. “Our military men and women, our sons and daughters, should not be subjected to an involuntary social experiment which will damage our national security. That’s why we will continue our efforts to oppose this immoral law.”

The Thomas More Law Center has already been proven incorrect! Is this really what these people do all day? Life is short, guys. Do something worthwhile, and stop fighting battles you lost.

[h/t David Badash]