Yes, I know, Porno Pete wrote an “open letter” to Truth Wins Out yesterday, but it was really dumb and easy to refute, and I figure Wayne will address it, since it’s mostly addressed to him. (No love, Pete?)

For now, though, as you are reading this at 8:00 or so on the East Coast, and Porno Pete might just be having some cereal to give him some energy for a day of gay-hatin’, let’s look at this “action alert” from Americans for Truth about how General Mills has caved to the homosexualist agenda by refusing to discriminate against people:

Remember when Big Business was conservative and was protested by hippies and leftists? Well now, socially speaking, corporate titans are siding with the Left against historic Judeo-Christian values, and God-fearing Christians and Jews are chiding the soulless capitalist sellouts.

Haha, so is Porno Pete going to become a socialist?

The latest to throw God to the curb is General Mills — seemingly right up there with apple pie and motherhood as a symbol of American wholesomeness, but no more.

Motherhood is an American thing? Who knew?!

Ready for the Two Minutes Hate against a list of cereals?

General Mills is maker of these iconic breakfast cereals:

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Fiber One
Lucky Charms

Fantastic. We’re going grocery shopping later, and we need cereal. Thanks for a list of choices, Porno Pete.

In bowing to the revolutionary redefinition of marriage, the cereal giant had to re-invent morality.

You know your entire life is based on fighting nonexistent phantoms when you type a sentence like that one just above.

Thus it employs the same sanctimonious Diversity Doublespeak that guides all social leftists who — no matter what destructive policies they pursue — pat themselves on the back for being on the side of “progress.” How telling that a company like General Mills is now serving up the pablum of “inclusion” to justify its immoral turn.

Sounds like they’re just trying to make cereal and reach out to the widest number of people. By the way, I should have mentioned that Porno Pete’s little rage-fest here is due to the fact that General Mills opposes Minnesota’s anti-gay hate amendment. While I’d love to believe that they did this out of a genuine desire to promote equality throughout the land, I’m going to guess that it’s mostly because bigoted marriage bans are really, really bad for business, and for attracting talented executives, as there is a high correlation between interesting, high-achieving people and cities and states which are supportive and welcoming to LGBT people. Read your Richard Florida if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m sorry to report that there is seemingly no correlation between an increased number of Fundamentalist Christians and anything related to a heightened quality of life.

General Mills does seem to care about the implications of their policies beyond just the bottom line though:

General Mills boasts that its goal “is to be among the most socially responsible food companies in the world.”


Memo to General Mills: promoting homosexuality (linked disproportionately to disease and dysfunction) as normative behavior – to the point of undermining natural marriage — is not “socially responsible” but rather the opposite, even though it earns plaudits from the usual morally-challenged suspects.

General Mills isn’t “promoting” homosexuality, Peter. They’re promoting cereal. Moreover, yes, it’s socially responsible to refrain from being a bigot. It’s best for the greatest number of people, and no company does itself any favors by singling out a minority for hatred these days. I’m sorry, and I’m sure you miss the olden timey days, Pete, but they’re over.

(See this biased “Wikipedia” entry which, sounding like a press release for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, notes that General Mills “received positive feedback for its stand [against the Minnesota marrriage amendment] which is expected to attract people to its global workforce.”)

Yes, again, General Mills is trying to attract good people.

Apparently General Mills’ executives, like those at Starbuck’s and other mega-corporations, are betting that more Amercan consumers are FOR the sexual sin of homosexuality than against it. Time will tell if they are right, but regardless, corporate sales do not dictate moral Truth.

 They’re betting that 53% of Americans support marriage equality and that those opposed to it shrink in number every day, due to a combination of changing hearts and minds and old age, and that those in support grow in number every day, by turning 18. Time was, we’d gain a point or two every couple of years. Now we’re seeing ten-point shifts. I think corporate America knows what it’s doing. Not responding to the thing about “moral truth,” because he can’t prove a word of it.
I’ll let Porno Pete finish this out by conceding defeat, utterly:
There are now far too many pro-homosexuality major corporations for us to declare this offender versus that offender boycott target — so pro-family consumers can make their own purchasing choices. As for me, I’ll hesitate before buying a box of Wheaties or Cheerios, if only to strike a small, lonely blow for righteousness.
I’m sure they’ll notice.
Besides, Aldi does a pretty good rip-off of Cheerios and Wheaties.