Here is Linda Harvey, doing her old anti-gay song and dance, the one she does 24/7, never saying anything new, just re-arranging words in order to hold onto her title of “the most homophobic woman in America.” At least Shirley Phelps-Roper has a personality. Transcript from Linda’s Saturday radio show lovingly provided by Right Wing Watch:

Yes people can love kids but a lot of times these—I would say the vast majority of the time—these homosexual-headed households as being featured in the JC Penney ads or the Gap billboard ads for Father’s Day, they are thinking about themselves much more than they are the kids.

You see, if gay parents are photographed with their children, they’re being selfish, but straight parents aren’t. This is the cognitively dissonant world Linda inhabits.

If they thought about the kids they would know that this child would grow up with an ache and a hole in their heart for mom if it’s two dads heading the households; if it’s two moms, they will grow up with an ache and a hole in their heart, aching to know their father. It’s just pathetic when adults construct something that is so adult-centered and just neglects the purposes of the child and of marriage.

Actually, all credible studies [including the completely flawed one the Religious Right is glomping all over right now] show that Linda is making things up.

Friends educate everyone you know out there with the truth: they have the freedom to marry. Every ex-homosexual I know has grabbed onto that freedom to marry, at least in theory, some of them are not married but many of them now are married to someone of the opposite sex because that is marriage.

Notably absent from Linda’s requirement for marriage is two adults who actually are attracted to each other and want to have sex with each other. I suppose this is because, to fundamentalists, even marital sex is icky and shameful.

A homosexual marriage can never be consummated, number one, the anatomy doesn’t work.

I’ll be the judge of that, thanks.

Big clue, people who love each other homosexually or believe they do, can never create under any scenario their own child together, there is no life in that relationship. In case we are being very dense and people are being very dense about this, we humans tend to be dense about things anyway but this is one more way, it’s a big clue: it is a lifeless relationship.

And here, the point of my headline. She’s throwing elderly couples under the bus, she’s throwing heterosexual couples who choose to remain childless under the bus, and she’s essentially saying that if you can’t or don’t want to make a baby, there’s no “life” in your relationship. Indeed, she’s even throwing lots of hetero couples WITH CHILDREN under the bus by suggesting that the only reason there’s “life” in their relationships is because they spawned. Millions of couples who are presumably as happily or more happily married than Linda (I’m just going by her description of what breathes life into a relationship here) disagree.

As I said, if that’s really Linda’s concept of an ideal marriage, then we should pity her.