This is Glenn Beck, talking, at the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington DC:

It was a year ago I was watching the show Glee with my wife and we watched it like this—[gasp]—I mean, it’s horrifying some of the things that they are teaching high schoolers, but it’s brilliantly done, it’s brilliantly done. It’s produced brilliantly. It’s music, brilliant; it’s acting, brilliant; it’s cinematography, brilliant. I said this to her at the end, this was a year or a year and a half ago, ‘We lose, there is no way to beat that.’ Well, yes there is. We spent about a year now trying to put together a push back with artists, with music. Not the stereotypical conservative Lee Greenwood music, I call it my Oedipus project because the left will be making out with me and they will never see it coming. Somebody will say, ‘don’t you know who produced that music?’ ‘No, I really like it, it’s great.’ Oh yes, yes it is.

Glee is so good, Glee is also horrifying, Glenn Beck will make his own version of Glee, minus gayness, plus Mormons, and liberals will never see it coming because we will be too busy jamming out to all his hippity hoppity tunesies, because liberals never pay attention to art and have no way of discerning good stuff from utter crap. Hilarious how he throws Lee Greenwood under the bus, though!

Not really worried about this, readers, are you?