Josh Weed wrote an emotional, tear-jerker of story on his website, The Weed, this week that captured the attention of many people on the Internet. In his tale, he claimed to be an average gay dude who is a devout Mormon and married to a woman named Lolly. They have three children and a robust sex life. To the average sucker, it seemed to be an innocent and sweet story of a man who just wants everyone to get along and love each other.

To be blunt, his saccharine story sent my bullshit detector rocketing off the charts. Monitoring the “ex-gay” cult has made me somewhat of an expert at seeing through lies and the tales of insincere phonies. So, it comes as no surprise when Joe.My.God revealed today that Weed is not some lovable dude coming  out to the world about his life — but a full-fledged, professional “ex-gay” con artist who crafted a slick story to trick gullible people.

Wow – what a fraud. These “ex-gay” types will do and say anything deceive suckers into imbibing on their lie. However, the truth always seems to come out in the end.