When Kameron Slade’s fifth-grade class at PS 195 in the New York City borough of Queens held a speech competition, he decided to speak on the topic of marriage equality. Slade’s speech was good enough to win, meaning he advanced to a school-wide contest scheduled to be held today. But his elementary school principal blocked Kameron from doing so, denying him the right to speak on his chosen topic because, according to Slade’s mother, she felt the topic was “inappropriate.”

So, to their credit, television channel NY1 gave Slade a chance to deliver his speech for their cameras; you can watch the video below. When you do, you won’t find anything remotely inappropriate. What you will find is an intelligent, open-minded, adorable young man speaking simply and eloquently about tolerance and acceptance. Zack Ford at ThinkProgress has a partial transcript of Slade’s remarks here.

According to NY1’s report, the New York City Department of Education is planning to give Slade an opportunity to deliver his marriage equality speech in “some sort of a different assembly.” But in the meantime, in order not to be disqualified from the contest by his principal, Slade wrote a new speech about the prevention of animal cruelty.

H/t: Andy; photo courtesy of ThinkProgress