Happy Pride and stuff! I hope you all are celebrating Pride in your own way, whether that involves going to a parade or getting together with your friends, with or without rainbows, or just rolling your eyes and going back to whatever underwater basket-weaving project you were working on previously. Different strokes for different folks! But here is how Linda Harvey, the most homophobic woman in the Western Hemisphere, is celebrating this year:

“Once again this year, June is filled with cities holding gay pride celebrations. Every year I continue to challenge believers to pray about what we can do peacefully but permanently to put an end to these events in our cities. I will admit, I have not come up with the answer, but there is no question that God will help us if we ask Him. It’s also terribly sad when we have a president who has once again this Spring issued a presidential proclamation declaring June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month. In the proclamation, the president alludes to these deviant behaviors as being part of an effort towards civil rights, which is incorrect. The homosexual political agenda being forced on America is ‘stronger than hate,’ the proclamation says. Once more, the president disses and dismisses those who have religious or personal beliefs that might contradict what he thinks is right, no allowance for other viewpoints. The proclamation speaks with compassion about those who are ‘denied basic rights.’ Again, this is an incorrect view of homosexuality, which is not a basic right.”

Maybe other people are praying harder than Linda, for a different result. To all of our praying friends: you should all start a big virtual prayer circle (maybe on Twitter! Here’s a hashtag: #prayersforpride), praying for God to bless Pride events around the country, that they may be fun, affirming, safe and successful!

Also, Linda used the word “disses?” Love it.

[h/t Joe]