Look, it’s Matt “Bam Bam” Barber and Mat “Not So Bam Bam” Staver, talking to each other in their special room at the Liberty Counsel, about how they know what’s best for black voters, speaking for black voters, saying completely untrue things about black voters, and also, as usual, God Hates Fags:

Staver: Anything that is biblical, anything that you want to speak on with regards to the Bible or our culture is not off-limits simply because politicians are also talking about it.

Barber: You mentioned biblical issues, that brings up another case tied into this idea of the Obama administration going to these black churches. Again, it just displays an amount of hubris and arrogance on the part of this administration and this President that I’ve never seen before. This after on the heels of the President thumbing his nose at these very black pastors around the country by coming out in support of counterfeit, same-sex marriage. He has infuriated black pastors across the country with this and now he goes to them with hat and hand and expects them to fire up the base for his cause when he has alienated them in such a way.

Staver: In fact, he talked to some black pastors before he went out to do this announcement on same-sex marriage and they opposed it, many of them did oppose it. Now there were some obviously that were in favor but there were many black pastors, and I would say there are most black pastors by far that don’t agree with same-sex marriage. They understand the breakdown of the family. Of many communities, you see the breakdown of the family with regards to the father, and same-sex marriage creates a fatherless home, it just does, it creates a fatherless situation. It compounds the breakdown of the family. Most black pastors and people in the black community understand that. So he’s thumbed his nose at them and then he wants to now recruit them.

Right Wing Watch points out that black voters are still very much behind the president, that “59% of African Americans support marriage equality and 90% of black voters approve of President Obama’s job performance.”

Of course, Not Bam Bam’s suggestion that the “breakdown of the family” has anything to do with marriage equality is sick and dishonest, as gay couples marrying and having children are creating families. I know the Religious Right is all excited about the flawed, BS “study” from Mark Regnerus on gay parenting, but the fact remains that all credible evidence shows that children raised by gay couples do just as well as kids raised by straight couples, and common sense and indeed morality dictate that we should support those families too.

I guess they’re just projecting their white male wingnut desires on people again.