I wonder how he feels about Black History month:

“The month of June is Gay Pride Month,” Perkins told a caller named J.R. in radio interview obtained by Right Wing Watch on Monday. “Now, I have not yet seen where they have declared Adultery Pride Month, I have not seen where they have declared the Drunkenness Pride Month.”

“We’re talking about redefining the rest of culture and making others both embrace, celebrate and subsidize. We’re talking about changing the laws that will influence what our children are taught in schools, it’s already happening in those states that have legalized same sex marriage or had it forced upon them by the courts.”


The caller, however, argued that homosexuality was actually far worse than adultery and drunkenness.

“Most of the problems that Christians have is that you don’t see people that are drunken or adulterers trying to force their beliefs on others, you don’t see them trying to you know instill their ideals on others,” J.R. explained.

“In fact, when it comes to drunkenness, we have laws to try to protect the rest of society,” Perkins agreed.

No, Tony, because Gay Pride Month actually celebrates lots of really wonderful people and families who contribute immensely to society. You might understand that once you have dinner with Jennifer Chrisler of the Family Equality Council and her family, if, in fact, you deliver on that promise. I’m not holding my breath, either on your follow-through or on your willingness to confront reality.