If you’re scratching your head after reading the above headline, fear not — it’s not that you’ve read it wrong, it’s that it doesn’t make any freaking sense.

But it is essentially the argument that Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, a steadfast opponent of marriage equality, made in a recent television interview, according to a report by Gay Star News:

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has told gays that her own relationship proves you don’t have to marry.

Gillard, who opposes same-sex marriage equality, isn’t married to her long-term partner Tim Mathieson but says they are still committed to each other.

She told ABC TV: ‘I think you can have a loving relationship of love and commitment and trust and understanding that doesn’t need a marriage certificate. That’s my life experience – so I’m speaking from that life experience.’

Yes, she is that stupefyingly blind to her own privilege. Australian Marriage Equality national convener Alex Greenwich called her out on it:

The prime minister is able to choose not to marry, however this choice is denied to many same-sex couples who desperately want to celebrate the traditions of marriage and have the legal protection, security and recognition that comes with marriage.

‘The prime minister may not want to marry herself, but most Australians value the importance of marriage greatly, and as such want their gay and lesbian friends to have equal access and be treated as equal citizens by the marriage act.’

Julia Gillard’s staggeringly insensitive comments show how out of touch she is with the everyday lived experiences of her constituents. They are especially disgraceful for someone in her position as a head of state in a Western democracy.