Just the other day, Truth Wins Out criticized CNN’s sister network HLN for its one-sided promotion of Janet Boynes Ministries, and its attempt to sideline Jallen Rix and other survivors of  ex-gay ministries.

Now we notice CNN’s one-sided promotion of the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle, a Greensburg, Ind., church that sings antigay songs — worshipping antihomosexuality instead of God.

Readers won’t learn from this article what the accepted definition of hatred is; instead, they’re told by the church that hatred has a new meaning which doesn’t apply to politically correct Christians. And if a verbally abusive church says so, it must be true, we guess, since the article doesn’t consult anyone else.

Readers also won’t learn that many (no doubt “incorrect”) Christian denominations and branches of Judaism not only affirm LGBT people, but welcome them as clergy.

Nor will readers learn the incidence rates of antigay violence in Indiana’s conservative religious communities.

The closest this article comes to objective journalism is an observation that the church’s claims of harassment by gay people were denied by the local sheriff’s office. In other words, the church is proclaiming untruths.

Now why would CNN promote — without input from objective sources and critics — a church whose modus operandi involves lying and singing songs of hate and ignorance?

Update: Contact CNN here. Contact HLN here.