Why did Dr. Drew have “ex-gay” political activist Janet Boynes on as a guest? We are talking about a con artist who has yet to bring forward a single case of transformation other than herself. Considering that for years she has had a “pray away the gay” ministry and written an entire book on the topic, she should at least be able to trot out a few successful “ex-gays.”

She can’t.

This would be very much like Dr. Drew featuring a person who had written a book on dieting and owned a weight loss center — where all the clients were still fat. When questioned why no one had lost weight  the owner would cynically reply: “Forget the evidence and forget success stories, I’m living proof it works because I’m skinny.”

Unbelievably, Dr. Drew is featuring Boynes to basically lie to the American people. Couldn’t the producers at Dr. Drew do better than Boynes? Apparently not, so they made an entire show that focused on a phony saleswoman and former crackhead (she’s not even a lesbian, she’s bisexual) who is desperately trying to peddle a book and promote herself at the expense of the mental health of her alleged clients.

Read the truth about Janet Boynes that you likely won’t hear on Dr. Drew.

UPDATE: The show was not as bad as I expected it to be, although it is still a mystery why Boynes deserves airtime. I commend Dr. Drew for pointing out all of the hatred the LGBT community has recently endured.

As for Boynes, I’m worried about her. She looked gaunt and unhealthy and seemed a little incoherent. I hope she is okay and I advise her to take care of herself. But, it was obvious that she didn’t look well.

The poor young man, Christian, that Boynes is controlling looked just pathetic. He was gayer that Liberace in pink hot pants and couldn’t hide his true self, even after years of training and indoctrination at the hands of Boynes. He was asked a simple question by a caller, “If gays could choose to be straight, wouldn’t they elect to do so after they suffered from discrimination?”

The poor thing was unable to answer this simple question and had this blank, deer-in-the-headlights gaze until he finally gave up trying and shrugged. It highlighted his malleable and weak personality — the perfect victim for a domineering activist like Boynes to prey on. I wish Christian well and I want to let him know that Truth Wins Out his here to help him when he finally is ready to live an authentic life and escape the grasp of Boynes.

Christian, you are fine just the way you are. You don’t want to spend your life as screwed up as Boynes, who has made a complete mess of her entire life.