Oh, Tony. You’re finally being called to account for your vicious hatred for gay people, and it’s lovely.

Tony Perkins, hate group leader extraordinaire, has only two talking points left, and they’re both BS.

1. That “social science” shows that kids need two heterosexual parents. “Social science” shows no such thing. The studies the Religious Right relies on are those which compare married, heterosexual parents to single parents. Indeed, the most recent social science, in study after study, shows that kids of gay couples do just as well as kids of straight couples, with one key difference: they’re less likely to grow up to be bigots like Tony Perkins.

2. That the “majority” of Americans are against marriage equality, due to the fact that “thirty-one states have voted against it.” Indeed, that is true, but they’re about to lose that talking point in November (for one thing), and moreover, all major, credible polls done over the past several months show that marriage equality is now the mainstream position to have in the United States, as clear majorities support it. Brooke Baldwin points out the most recent poll showing 53% supporting equality, and only 39% opposed.

So both of Tony’s remaining talking points are lies.

But the real reason this interview is so amazing is that Brooke Baldwin asks him questions like “why do homosexuals bother you so much?” and “have you ever been to the home of a gay couple?” Tony clearly does not want to answer for his own bizarre, personal hatred of gays and lesbians, which just makes Brooke push harder.

Watch it all.

[h/t Mediaite]