Oh, hate group leaders are so oppressed. They are also censored, because we are taking away their free speech! Thanks to the good folks at Right Wing Watch, who actually download and listen to the podcast interviews Porno Pete does with the rotating list of his five best friends, I can censor Porno Pete and Brian Camenker of MassResistance by reprinting their words verbatim, and also mocking them. From their interview:

LaBarbera: Brian Camenker’s website MassResistance, that is hate, because they don’t like that Brian Camenker opposes homosexuality. This is the world we are living in and I think it’s tempting to laugh at it but if they keep going our First Amendment rights will be gone.

Yes, Camenker’s little outfit is a hate group, and so is Porno Pete’s, partly because they have a habit of maliciously lying about an entire minority group. If it was just “opposing homosexuality,” Focus on the Family would have made the list, but they haven’t yet.

Camenker: There’s no question about it and that’s what they want. They want that to happen.

But Brian! If we censor people like you, we lose the joy inherent in mocking people like you. Half the liberal blogosphere would have to shut down!

LaBarbera: They can’t handle a free and fair debate, where we can just talk about ideas, they have to censor everybody who opposes them?

Which one of our blogs has a comments section, Porno Pete?

Camenker: The problem that they have is that homosexual behavior in it of itself, to put it bluntly, is generally repulsive to large numbers of people if not everybody. In order to normalize this in any way there has to be this constant stream of propaganda.

Okay, this is weird. It’s striking to me how much these guys cling to the “ick” factor that they incorrectly imagine people have when it comes to gay sex. Firstly, as we point out all the time, it’s more than a little bit strange, not to mention prurient and behaviorally stunted, when people are absolutely obsessed with what kind of consensual sex other people are having. I have many friends who are couples, straight and gay, and I can honestly say that the thought of them having sex with each other really doesn’t cross my mind.

But the other thing is this. I was talking to a straight guy the other day who I’m very close to, and he remarked that it’s really, really strange when people say they’re “repulsed” by gay sex. True revulsion tends to exist on a plane related to desire — as in, those who scream the loudest about how “ewwwwwww gross!” they think gay sex is tend to come off as people who are trying to convince themselves and others that it’s not really what they secretly want. On the flip side of the coin, actual heterosexuals, sans hang-ups, tend to look at gay sex and react more along the lines of “meh, not for me, but whatever floats your boat.” That’s a healthy reaction to sex that you are not having.

Here’s the weird part comparing homosexuality to racism:

Camenker: Homosexuality is unnatural and you have to have, just like you had to have the Jim Crow laws to keep the races apart, you have to have these laws and diversity trainings and constant propaganda to keep it going.

Yeah, no. The truth of the matter, a truth that people like Porno Pete and Brian Camenker cannot face, is that it’s not really propaganda that’s changing hearts and minds. It’s the fact that we’re coming out in numbers never before seen, and even regular, garden variety conservatives are supporting equality in larger numbers, because they know and love LGBT people, in their families, their neighborhoods, their churches, their workplaces, etc., and it’s really hard to continue to believe bigoted Religious Right crap about us when the negation of said crap is sitting across from you at the dinner table.

So that little attempt to conflate gays with racists didn’t work very well, did it?