I had intended to write about this on Friday, but didn’t have time, so I am not sure whether or not Porno Pete is still in Madrid, but just in case he’s still there, Spaniards should be on the look out for a guy with a camera taking pictures of people having the kind of sex he claims not to like:

MADRID, Spain–Attending the Sixth World Congress of Families put on by the Howard Center, I am struck once again by the enormous gulf between the international pro-life groups and leaders that have assembled here — with their tremendous progress, momentum and cultural influence — and the diffident, ambiguous and defensive posture of pro-family groups and leaders opposing organized homosexuality.

In this piece, Peter basically whines that anti-choice groups are bolder in their language than anti-gay groups. This is why he thinks they’re losing the fight.

The pro-life movement has palpable energy and confidence — reflected in the myriad of pro-life groups tackling every aspect of the struggle to protect innocent life and reach and heal abortive or potentially abortive women. It is fantastic to behold and provides much-needed evidence that good can rally against evil (though there is of course much work to be done).

Contrast that with the struggling “movement’ (if you can call it that) of those who are dedicated to the principled cause of defeating the Homosexual Lobby — just like pro-lifers aim to defeat the Abortion Lobby (i.e., without an ounce of guilt or reservations). Talking with pro-family activists from various countries here at World Congress reveals the simmering divide over how to approach the homosexual juggernaut: some, like me, favor a direct approach on the issue while others believe we should sidestep the “H” debate and instead focus positively on the campaign to protect the definition of marriage.

Porno Pete thinks that if only other anti-gay activists were like him, pruriently obsessed with other people’s sexual habits, the tide would suddenly turn and people who know better would suddenly become miniature Porno Petes, cameras in tow, parental advisories on their “pro-family” blogs, etc.

This is not to say that preserving marriage as between a man and a woman is not a critical priority — but rather that it is only one battle in a much larger war that must be fought aggressively if we have any hope of turning things around as the pro-life movement has. This necessarily means not just defending our First Amendment “right” to oppose homosexuality, “gay marriage” and gender confusion but systematically tackling these issues…

The idea that the “pro-life” movement has “turned things around” is mostly a myth. Large majorities of Americans support the fundamental right to choose when it comes to reproductive rights. Anyway, Porno Pete thinks bigots should spend more time on the following

Explaining WHY homosexual and transgender behaviors are always wrong;

Educating youth and potential allies on how homosexual sex is fraught with health risks; ditto for gender-confused behaviors including “sex reassignment surgeries”;

Teaching why homosexuality violates Natural Moral Law, the teachings of Judaism and Christianity and most major religions;

Acknowledging the reality that many men and women (like Charlene Cothran) have successfully left homosexual, lesbian or transgendered identies behind;

Building awareness of the tragic realities surrounding homosexual, bisexual and transgender lifestyles, such as the inordinate drug and porn use among homosexual men, and “gay-on-gay” assaults and abuses;

Ground the Church and religious/moral citizens in a basic understanding of how homosexual militants like Dan Savage have been in the vanguard of mocking and attacking Biblical Truth and time-honored, Judeo-Christian tenets that historically have served as the basis for wholesome sexual values and stable marriages;

Educate the public on how State-enforced “gay rights,” e.g., “Sexual Orientation” laws — not just legalized homosexual “marriage” and “civil unions” — naturally war against the freedom of citizens (religious or not) to oppose sexual immorality (sin). Show how “gay” laws corrupt “civil rights” and force Christians and religious citizens to subsidize and “celebrate” immoral homosexual relationships.

Right. Go, go, Gadget Whack-A-Mole:

1. Nobody claiming that homosexuality [a normal sexual orientation recognized as such by all grown-up medical and mental health organizations] and transgender [an actual medical condition, easily explained by doctors] are “wrong” has any proof of that, beyond their elementary interpretations of a very old book.

2. All sex can be fraught with health risks if you don’t know your status, your partner’s status, or take proper precautions. Duh.

3. “Natural moral law” is something made up by wingnuts in a pathetic attempt to sound intelligent. Moreover, the fact that religions forbid something has no relationship with the morality of said thing. Christians supported slavery for centuries because their holy book supports it. Let’s try a more grown-up argument next time.

4. Most of those who “leave homosexuality behind” end up A. coming out as gay again, B. on the dole of an “ex-gay”/anti-gay corporation or C. depressed beyond belief, often to the point of becoming suicidal.

5. Drugs are a problem in lots of communities. Instead of using the fact that some gay people get involved in drugs as a way to clobber all gay people, people who are actually concerned about the problem should work to fix it. Moreover, using domestic violence to beat down gay people, when the majority of all domestic violence cases involve straight people, is a bit strange, I think.

6. You’re really not going to win any arguments by trying to convince millions of people that Dan Savage is evil. Really. That’s kind of your personal vendetta, Porno Pete.

7. My equal rights do nothing to your religious freedom, Pete. Only people with a wholly incorrect concept of “religious freedom” could be convinced of such a thing. Put simply: you are guaranteed the freedom to practice your religious beliefs in this country, right up to the point that it starts interfering with others’ constitutional rights. There are, and always have been, limits. Christian Scientists can be held accountable for refusing to get medical help for their children, and if the “free exercise of your religion” involves bullying gay kids to death [known in the fundamentalist world as “telling people about the Good News”], well, we have a problem, don’t we?

Simply put, we as a movement must conquer whatever timidity, fear and political correctness we have in NOT wanting to debate the morality of homosexuality–because our fanatically-driven LGBT opponents will never relent in their audacious campaign to “sell” homosexuality to the public. Notice that while many conservatives shrink from the homosexuality debate, self-described out-and-proud “queer” activists never back-track in their misguided, indeed, pathological quest to compel society to approve of their aberrant “lifestyles.” And they’ve almost won (thanks in no small part to the media serving as “gay” cheerleaders).

I love this world he imagines where anti-gay wingnuts are somehow “timid” about their beliefs. But yes, we’ve almost won. Just a few more years…

Skipping a few paragraphs because of Porno Pete’s tendency to write the exact same thing over and over and over again, simply with a few rearranged words, we get to the end:

More than ever, I am convinced that if we don’t get back to the basics of deconstructing the hydra-headed monster of the Homosexual/Transsexual Lobby and its many lies, shibboleths and myths, we will handicap our ability to win hearts and minds, especially among young people. These are the very “brainwashed” souls whose naivete and confusion over homosexual issues has led LGBT activists to boast that it is only a matter of time before our noble cause — the defense of historic Western and biblical teachings on sex, family and marriage (including opposition to homosexuality) — becomes extinct.

And we end with the beautiful reality that Porno Pete will never wrap his head around: young people are not “brainwashed” into supporting gay equality. Young people simply know LGBT people and are able to, easily and without hesitation, look at the lies of the Religious Right and see them for what they are. Porno Pete’s shrinking audience is susceptible to his libelous crap because they are afraid of going too far into the city, because they stay in echo chambers of their own creations, and because the only gay people they’re exposed to are those approved by the Religious Right. They’ve heard the testimonials of purported “ex-gays” who have been duped into believing all the problems in their lives are to be blamed on their sexuality, but they don’t know the millions of LGBT people and families who are, in most ways, just like everybody else. So no, those young people aren’t brainwashed, and they’re not confused. And yes, it is only a matter of time before Porno Pete’s hatred for gay people becomes such a fringe position that it might as well be extinct.