If we weren’t dealing with such high caliber folks in our opposition, the above headline would not be possible, but yes, indeed, Matt Barber is mad at the NAACP for supporting marriage equality, and he, white man, would like to man-splain a few things to the NAACP about so-called “civil rights.”

This move is not sitting well with Matt Barber, who is accusing the organization of making the announcement simply in order to provide political cover for President Obama and, in doing so, “thumbing their nose at their own constituents.” On top of that, Barber said the resolution was “offensive,” declaring “how dare they demean and undermine and cheapen the genuine, noble civil rights movement” by supporting “deviant sexual behavior” especially since gays never had to drink from separate water fountains or were victims of lynchings.

Actually, gays have been beaten and murdered for decades simply for being gay. Kids in school are bullied to death right this minute by people influenced by the likes of Matt Barber. But, in pointing that out, I don’t want to distract readers from the sheer arrogance and stupidity exhibited by a low-grade wingnut who works at a clown college deigning to explain to national civil rights leaders what sorts of civil rights they should and should not support. I guess Matt just doesn’t think they know their places.