The issue of marriage equality is important for Ben Jealous, as he explained when announcing the NAACP’s endorsement of equal marriage rights. His parents’ own marriage was illegal and they had to travel in order to be married. Here, he talks to Rachel about the importance of minority groups all standing up for each other and with each other, so that all may be treated equally. He also brushes off concerns that the Religious Right will be able to use socially conservative black voters in any effective way in order to hurt the LGBT people, because, as he explains, “people know when they’re being played.” That’s always one of the striking things, when we see groups like NOM, groups which are at their core, as Ben points out, fundamentally anti-civil rights, cynically trying to co-opt minorities for their own bigoted purposes. They think the people they’re dealing with are stupid.

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[h/t Karen Ocamb]