Mother Schlafly:

If American women want to know where all the manly men have gone, they can blame the feminists. Not only can men no longer hold the door open for women, they can’t even save a woman’s life and get a gracious thank you. Feminists have destroyed the relationship between men and woman. Most women like big, strong, John-Wayne-type men. They want men who bravely put out fires, fight in combat, protect their wives and children against intruders, and save damsels in distress. But feminists have made a lot of men afraid to be manly. It’s time to say, we love manly men.

Hey, I agree with Phyllis. I mean, I don’t agree with the entire thrust of her point of view, but I like ’em big, tall and strong too. What’s funny, though, is that pretty much every woman I know and associate with is a feminist, and I’ve never seen one of them have a problem having the door opened for them or lack genuine appreciation when someone comes to their aid, even if the person helping is a sexy lumberjack of a man.

For context, Phyllis seems to have come up with the idea for this blog post by perusing her copy of  Us magazine and, having read the story of the girl being saved in New York City traffic by none other than “heartthrob Ryan Gosling” [SCHLAFLY’S words, not mine], seen an opportunity to both blast those dumb feminists and also share with us the kinds of dudes she finds sexy. Bravo, Phyl.