Bill Maher used the end of his show this week to rant against Liberty University and the fact that GOP candidates have to essentially pay their respects to Jerry Falwell and his fundamentalist clown college during every presidential race. The whole thing is worth watching, but here’s a great piece of it:

Much as conservatives believe gay marriage cheapens their own vows, “I think a diploma from Liberty cheapens my diploma from a real school,” he continued. “I worked really hard for four years and sold a lot of drugs to get that thing.”

Liberty’s diploma may look real, Maher said, but “when you confuse a church with a school, Maher went on, “it mixes up the things you believe — religion — with the things we know — education. Then you start thinking that creationism is science, and gay aversion is psychology, and praying away hurricanes is meteorology.”

At another point, he refers to Liberty as a place where you get kicked out for getting the answers right. That is sadly accurate. Video after the jump, due to annoying auto-play: