While some of my Facebook friends are busy clicking “Like” on virtual causes and signing virtual petitions on behalf of struggling organizations, causes that they oppose are securing billions in donations. And, ladies and gentlemen, it is money — not the Like button — that determines the course of election campaigns and legislative agendas. Virtually nothing in life that is worthwhile — least of all, political power — is free.

The Washington Post reports that conservatives are outspending liberals 4-to-1 on the all-important congressional races which will determine whether the next president can accomplish anything, and whether the nation will move toward a freer, more frugal, and more intelligent future — or sell out our children’s lives and health for the present-day prosperity of military contractors, obsolete industries, and the AARP.

If you “like” a cause, but you aren’t financially supporting it, and as a result the cause is buried by better-funded opponents, then is it fair to say that you really liked it after all?