This is, of course, true, because I love both of them!

So this clip is kind of funny, as the speaker, Jonathan Haidt, argues that “sushi is the gay marriage of food,” in that not so long ago, people in the West didn’t like the idea of eating raw fish at all, but once it became commonplace and accepted, especially for Kids These Days, it became mainstream. Much in the same way, older generations of people are having a harder time accepting marriage equality, while Kids These Days are all “whatever,”  and they’re more likely to judge people who don’t know how to properly use chopsticks while gay marrying. (Or something like that.) Anyway, it’s food for thought. [Pun intended!]

[h/t The Awl, which you should all be reading daily, not least for the jokes they make in their post tags. It’s a blog for smart people.]