Truth Wins Out readers haven’t been too much apprised of the goings on the past week, at least in terms of my personal life, but I care about all y’all who come here and read every day, so I just wanted to share my joy with you. I almost lost my best buddy this week. My black lab/blue heeler mix, Lula. She’s only eight, but a couple of major health problems came together this week that really, if she hadn’t been in the hands of some of the best vets I’ve ever met, could have ended differently. She’s back now, if by “back,” you mean “totally drugged up on pain meds and has no clue what’s going on,” and I don’t get her back until Friday, but guess what? She’s back. She’s gonna be okay.

And you all may not have known this, but along with Wayne’s various animals, Lula is one of your TWO mascots. So.

This is the note I just stuck on my Facebook wall, to my silly, dumb dog, who will live to be a silly, dumb dog for years more:

hey stupidhead dog. you are totally recovering from surgery right now, in Mississippi. we dodged a bullet, I think, me and you. you had a damn corn cob in your intestine and also a giant infection affecting several of your best organs. i’m gonna see you soon, and I’m really glad, because I was definitely not ready to lose your dumb ass, and also because I know you have many more millions of things to bark at and poop toward, and also because I love you and you’re my best buddy.

And I want her to be y’all’s buddy too. Here’s Lula, totally not caring enough to really pose for the camera.


My girl. Gonna be okay.

I’ll be back with my trademark snarky whatever in a few. Until then, hug your furry buddies if you have them.